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With the developing economy as the present, besides the opening of the business organs,  manafacturations, stores, companies more and more, there has also the social evil that is the problem we need to take care.  Can Tho City, considered as the best of economic centre of Mekong Delta. It is also a place where is interested a lot of people from all over the country come to establish one’s business and invest.

By that, the security is here need to be concerned.  We are easy to recognize that everywhere the figure of security guards. From the small store to the large company, the image of friendliness, happiness, esthusiasm of them make us feel pleased. Detaily, the action of helping clients such as guiding vehicles, warm bowing, reading to support when meeting troubles,... all of small things are the part of enhancing the profession of the company.

Utilizing the plenty of human resources from the whole of South province, The number of companies which support the human resources have been established in order to satisfy the demand of the most of people in the South Capital. For the much appearance like that, the people in here feel difficult to clarify where is the trusted place to find the professional security organ with the strict training, recruitment and couching.

Just for some minutes with the smartphone or the internet computer, you can hae a hundred, a thousand of results with the key “PROFESSIONAL SECURITY COMPANY IN CAN THO”. But to put the faith in the right place we have to be smart customers.  Because if we choose the unprofessional  company, commting that they have a lot of human resources but the quality training is not serious and strict. Whether it makes sure the quality mision or protection of themselves and their company or not?

If you are still confused with many choices like that, why you don’t try to figure out the ABC Security Company – Can Tho Branch. Our brand is the Best Quality Security Company in Viet Nam, be and being received many supportations from the personal character and organs from all over the country.

Proved that after 5 years of operations, VGS Security has the honor of a lot awards internal and exterior country. From that, it makes a huge motivation for us to more and more developing, open our scale of operation. Not only the main areas like Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi, but also including Can Tho. Considered the economic centre of the South, it is possible to have the large demand of security.


Many standards are proposed before deciding to choose the security partner for house, company or organ, business place, right? So which are the reasons you have to go to VGS Security to hire security guards? To help you know more about services and human resources by our organ supplying, we give some differences of VGS as following:

 ABC Security has the large dimension through S length. Be and being the trusted brand with the branches stand at 3 regions to curtail the geography for responding in time the demand of all variety of customers. Especially the branch in Can Tho, it will help the South customers easier as well happier when finding and hiring the security guard.

All of belonged staffs have been through recruitment, training and improving the technic strictly. Not only about physic, good health, but also about advancing the technic skills with the responsibility to the job they are in charge of.

VGS Security Staffs are going to support specialized facilities such as walkie-talkie, cane, flashlight, uniform, baton,... following to the standards and the present law. From that, the clients do not need cost to invest, depending on the demand as well as the kind of service, we have the asignment and suitable arangment.

Consulting, proposing the security method free. You just need to say the demand, target, we will support  positively. Beside that, you do not need to be worried about the continuity of the job. Since we understand that just leave this space for one second one minute, it is very hard to control the safety for all areas which is locked.  So sitting by and alternative asignment regularly is our certain for customers.

Above just a part of advantages if you go to VGS Security when you have the demand for choosing the Profesional  Security Service Company in Can Tho. Surely to you, you will be plased and choose us for a long – lasting partner.



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