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VICTORY  GLOBAL SECURITY has been established from the middle year of 2013 and also been through 4 years on providing human resources and security service on the market. Not only at Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi but also all over the provinces. The main market which has demand and strong operation is Ha Noi. It is also considered as the important headquarter of Economic – Culture – Society in Viet Nam.

As we know, with the endlessly developing of present society, it has the positive activities, although, it also exists the negative activities which makes us worry. On the broadcasting such as television, press, internet, they always show the surrounding problems every day like robbing, devastating, the unemployed young man gather and clutter to the community, especially kidnapping children.

As the past, just only the organ, entrepreneur have the condition to build up the skillful staffs with the adequate equipment to keep the discipline and peace on internal and exterior head office area. For the smaller dimension, personal character or households, they will make difficultly and costly to conduct. The demand of protection and supporting, many companies of security human resources are formed to make us feel safety about job and present life.

For that reason, at the moment it is not hard for you to find some addresses to contact for help. Especially in Ha Noi, for some minutes searching on Google with the key “PROFESSIONAL SECURITY COMPANY IN HA NOI”, you will have a hundred of results. Although, many are not good, we con not clarify which is the trusted, enough technical and specialized to protect assets and ourselves.

Unfortunately, if you choose at the company which is not professional. Though, they also make certain to the quality of job at the normal level, when meeting the urgent, suddenly situations if they don’t have the strong technic, they feel conscious, don’t know how to handle quickly. If they do not protect themselves, how they can protect another person. Is that right?

 So where is the trusted place when we want to find the prestige security company in Ha Noi?

If you are still confused about this matter, why you have to waste your time to find somewhere, contact us. – VGS Security. One of the security organ has seniority experience, be and being trusted by a lot of companies, personal characters, entrepreneurs all over country. Besides that, we also have the honor of many awards internal and exterior country. You will feel pleased to work with us.


The principle of operation is “Trust – Technic – Loyalty – Friendliness”, VGS Security was built up the staffs in general, and the security guards in particular. All of this combine the quality, strong skills to give the safety for the customers and for themselves. We understand that the main key to construct the stable base to confirm our position is human resources.

Just the security guards who have enough character, health as well skills can give the customers the quality service. Becoming like that, they have been through the strict recruitment process and the system of training, hard couching. The people who can be through it will become the VGS warriors, they have the necessary factors of the professional security guards.

Additionally, the variety of services, you will be easy to find the eligible form of security to the demand and the logical cost. If you can still not determine which your choice is, don’t worry! Just saying your request and hoping, the consultant of VGS will support, consult and introduce the service which is suitable to your request. From that, the determination will be easier.

With the outrage advantages, whether you felt more confident to choose VGS Security is the business partner or not? With the branding of Professional Security Company in Ha Noi, ABC Security is confident to protect your assets and safety in the best way.




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