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The rise of child sexual abuse cause worries for the parents, with ABC’s Security Service And Shuttle Children, parents will not have to be concern about it anymore.


  • Just surf Facebook or Youtube You will encounter many of the video, clips, news related to the pupils: Boys use knife to staps his friend to death, girls beat you board, pedophilia, rape Center- ... 
  • In front of those social crimes, many parents, VICTORY  GLOBAL SECURITY service joint stock company with many years of operational experience in the field of providing protection, bodyguards specialist Industry has introduced services VGS Kids and urged people Protecting Children, is the preschool future of the country, is the invaluable asset of each family.

Children fight news spread in newspapers.

The difficulties of parents

  • Too busy with work, do not have much time to shuttle their children to school, sometimes have to miss work or entrusted to maids recruited at job center or by car or taxi, motorcycle taxi .... While those on no legal status.
  • Dismissal time students often right at rush hour, but in Saigon, the congestion, traffic jams were so common, causing many difficulties for transfer students is very difficult to earn a place can assigned to shuttle their children to school arrive on the place of safety and punctuality. 
  • No supervision is a shuttle route, custodians.
  • Want to take your child to play on birthdays or holidays, but do not have time to direct your baby to play.

Violent student videos are full of youtube videos


Active form of child protection services VGS

  • Contracts will be signed to give transportation for customer’s child for month, quarterly, or specifying time of day depend on your requirement.
  • In day off, VGS bodyguard can take your child to some amusement park in Saigon such as zoo, Dam Sen, Suoi Tien…
  • Customer just need to work directly with us for once and after that, your child’s schedule or time of transportation  will be taken by or assistance and will be carry out as commitment.
  • Parents can check or observe from a distance online through facebook and zalo.

 Staff child protection services VGS

         Requirements for security guards

  • Have professional, trained and certified VGS.
  • Working style agility vivacious, posture demure.
  • Outfit work neat, clean and wear a name tag.
  • Language Room communicate properly, affable and polite. 
  • Understanding workflow each position and process security control and process emergency.
  • Equipped fully support tools, equipment serve.
  • No smoking, working individually and odor of alcohol while on duty

         Criteria for staff


  • High:                                   Weigh

         Male: over 1m65              - over 58kg

         Female: over 1m60          - from 48kg to 60kg

  • Looks: good-looking, no malformation or heteromorphic, no tattoo
  • Age: from 20 to 40

      - Application

  • Education: high school and beyond
  • Profile: no criminal record, have identify confirm of local police 

      - Manner

  • Formal work suit, uniform must be ironed
  • Have formal working posture
  • Have gentle and proper way of communication


  • Know well about your missions and security process
  • Classically trained and certificated

Geographical and uptime of child protection services VGS

  • Around Ho Chi Minh City
  • 6h00 – 21h00

Babies welcome method:

  • Motorcycle for one children and car for 2 children
  • All VGS’s car and motorbike are equipped with action camera so that customers can look after their children in anytime.

Cost of Services refer child protection VGS 

  • Contracted by the hour, day, month, price agreements.



Headquarters : 172 Nguyen Oanh Street, Ward 17, Go Vap District, HCM CITY 

Tổng đài: 1900 585 828  – Fax: (08) 398 420 59 - Hotline : 0938 139 389

Mail: info@thangloitoancau.com